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Monitoring for Legionella – The Bacterial Threat


In July 1976, 130 attendees at a convention hosted by the American Legion war veterans’ associations at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia contracted a severe case of pneumonia, from which 25 of them sadly died.

The US public health authorities investigated  the unknown cause of the mass disease, which was given the name Legionnaires’ disease. Two years later, Legionella Pneumophila was identified as the cause. The Legionella bacterium was finally identified and isolated, it was found to be breeding in the cooling tower of the hotel’s air conditioning system, which then subsequently spread throughout the building. This prompted new regulations worldwide for climate control systems.

Symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease


Reducing the risk
Legionella outbreaks have been linked to hot tubs, cooling towers, decorative fountains and water used for drinking and showering. Hotspots for legionella include any installation where untreated or under-treated water is warm and where it is possible for it to become an aerosol/misted in the environment. The bacteria multiplies between 22 °C and 45 °C with the optimum growth temperature between 35 °C and 40 °C. Effective and consistent monitoring of water quality is essential to maintain control.

One preventative measure is thermal disinfection for full efficiency, the water heaters and water storage tanks as well as the complete hot-water pipe system including the taps must be heated to above 70 °C. This is not readily possible or practical for most piping systems. Fundamentally, a complete drinking water distribution system should not contain sections with stagnant water, i.e. water that does not move for longer than four hours, in which water temperatures of between 25 °C and 55 °C can occur.

Chemical disinfection                                                                                                                         In this process, chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, etc. are added to the drinking water to kill off any legionella present. Due to the partly harmful residues in the lines, chemical disinfection should only be carried out by trained personnel.

UV Irradiation                                                                                                                                   This is a disinfection method that uses short wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying the nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.

Summary                                                                                                                                                Air containing aerosols/mists contaminated with legionella can cause severe pneumonia. The development  of legionella in drinking water lines can be prevented by avoiding stagnation in water pipes. Importantly HSE guidelines also dictate cold water must be < 20 °C and heated water is stored above 60 °C. Hence monitoring is critical. Achieving these steps will help prevent the formation of biofilms on the insides of the pipes. Finally even with these controls in place public and commercial properties must have water samples tested regularly by an authorised laboratory.

Rotronic Solutions – The continuous monitoring RMS software makes all measured values and data available in a concise and neat form, exactly as required. It is conveniently available anywhere, on any device

Warning of potential risks can be obtained by logging temperature and flow velocity at critical points in the distribution system and evaluating the data. Rotronic offers a starter kit for this comprising components, hardware and software.

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Live Warehouse Monitoring at Keppel


Keppel Logistics operates world-class logistics facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and relies on the new Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) in their warehouses.

In Keppel’s storage facilities, temperature monitoring is crucial. Customers in the pharmaceuticals sector often utilise air conditioned storage spaces.

One of main requirements is to be able to perform real-time monitoring, allowing both the Company and their customers to have direct access to the current warehouse conditions from anywhere in the world and at any time. Furthermore, Keppel required a simple way to collect data, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the data. Based upon Keppel’s and their customers’ requirements, the Rotronic Monitoring System was implemented, allowing real-time monitoring and data recording, and meeting the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Rotronic was able to offer two solutions: either a cloud-based system , or a server-based system installed directly at Keppel Logistics.

All temperature points are automatically uploaded to the system. with access via a login
or they can receive their own personalised reports remotely on a regular basis. With no more manual data collection, this saves a vast amount of time, the data can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC, from any location worldwide.

At present Keppel measures only the temperature, however, thanks to the flexibility of RMS, Keppel have the capability to monitor further parameters, such as relative humidity, dew point and differential pressure, also door contacts, and much more. Even third-party products can be integrated without any issues.

Keppel Logistics

Keppel Logistics is a wholly owned company of the Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Group in Singapore. Its core business areas are logistics and data center operations in the Asia, Pacific and Europe area.

rms keppel
RMS Mini Logger installed in the Warehouse

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Controlling Critical Decontamination using Rotronic Probes


The Amira company, located in the Province of Brianza, Italy produces devices and machines for use in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals and research centres. The BioReset line of instruments has been developed, patented, and realised in the course of the last few years, and is marketed worldwide. These instruments are for bio-decontamination using hydrogen peroxide vapour, a technology that allows a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and moulds to be eradicated, even at low temperature, and without negative effects on the treated environment. The reason for this is that the corrosive effect of hydrogen peroxide is minimised in its gaseous state.

To ensure that the vapor does not re-condense, Amira integrate specific sensors in their solutions that allow temperature, humidity, and dew-point inside the treated rooms to be
monitored with extreme precision. These Rotronic sensors are resistant to the corrosive effects of hydrogen peroxide.

Reliability and precision
“We had no doubts whatsoever about the choice of components to be used in these areas,” says Angelo Delmiglio, founder and CEO of Amira, who has known and valued Rotronic solutions for over 25 years. “Rotronic products are renowned for their reliability. Thorough comparisons have shown that these products, even in specific cases, are optimally suited to provide the necessary precision and repeatability of the processes.”

From among the many solutions that Rotronic offers for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide, Amira decided in favor of the HygroClip2 (HC2) probe. Thanks to their housing made from corrosion resistant material (polycarbonate or chrome steel, depending on the model), these probes are especially suitable and, with their extreme precision and short response times, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. International pharmaceutical companies rely on Amira solutions, and in all applications
of this kind, the Amira devices, thanks to part to the high quality of the components used in them, are 100% capable of meeting the customers’ expectations.

AMIRA s.r.l.

The company is highly regarded for the quality of its products, and is active in the global market, where, in addition to its products, it offers comprehensive after-sales service, including verification, calibration, and operator training. The complete BioReset bio-decontamination product line, developed by Amira, is sold all over the world.

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Ladies Only Exhibition in Perfect Monitored Climate


The Hohenzollern family came to Brandenburg 600 years ago, in 1415. Twelve prince-electors, seven kings and three emperors made Prussian, German and European history for almost 500 years.


The women have been some what overlooked by historians, by turning the spotlight on them, the foundation for Prussian castles and gardens has paved the way to discovering hitherto unknown aspects of Prussian and European history. The foundation presents 300 exhibits from national and international donors in a an area of 900 Square meters, which include the oldest authentic woman’s dress in Brandenburg (c.1460) and the coronation cloak of Queen Augusta. 

The painting is that of Queen Augusta of Prussia, which is exhibited in a perfectly climatised room

Room Climate in exhibitions 

The climate and lighting are the most influential factors to ensure the preservation of museum exhibits, because they can cause damage by accelerating chemical and biological degradation processes. In recent decades, the exhibition sector has developed a standard for conservation conditions in exhibitions. For those with the most varied works of art, temperatures of 18°c-22°c and relative humidity around 50 %RH with slight variations, and lighting of 50 to 200 Lux, are striven for, depending on the sensitivity of the materials.

Theater “Ladies Only”

The theater in Charlottenburg has no central air conditioning system. The room climate is influenced by a massive building shell, with masonry walls some as thick as 80cm, solid, reinforced concrete ceilings and floors, and composite windows with double glazing. To reduce warming through sunlight, the windows on the south side have been given sunshades for the duration of the exhibition.

Measuring Equipment 

The foundation has until now had no experience with using the building as an exhibition area. For this reason there were very high demands on the quality and availability of the measurement data. The concept for the exhibition combines a large number of works of art made of the most varied and sensitive materials, understanding of measurements is developed over days, months and years.

“The Rotronic measuring system was convincing because of its high degree of data  security, but also because of its flexibility, low maintenance costs and simple operation.” Wulf Eckermann – Stiftung Preussische Schlosser, Germany

Rotronic Data Loggers

Suitable for a wide range of humidity and temperature monitoring tasks, Wireless transmission – Possible over distances of up to 100m.

log-hc2-rc_mit_clip_3Saves on wiring costs, and the data can be collected and recorded from inaccessible points quickly and easily. Thanks to the combination of wireless transmission and data logger, the greatest possible reliability against failure is ensured. Devices can be configured and read out via the HW4 software and now our latest web or server enabled RMS software. Application uses include: Meteorology, Food Industry, Building Technology, Museums, Environmental/Laboratory equipment, research an development, Pharmaceutical/chemical/logistics and textile industry.

Wireless data loggers for active monitoring

To monitor the climatic conditions reliably and flexibly, HL-RC-B wireless data loggers are used. The measured values are recorded locally and safe from manipulation in a memory with a capacity of 500,000 values. With no cabling requirement, and without provision of an infrastructure such as a LAN or power outlets, the loggers are mounted unobtrusively on walls and in glass cases, thus impinging only minimally on the exhibition concept.

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Steriline depends on the reliability of Rotronic Measurement Devices


Steriline, a expanding company in Lake Como Italy has been manufacturing automatic equipment for the pharmaceutical sector for more than 25 years.

Steriline products combine simple basic principles including reliability and precision to delivery world class products and services. So it’s no wonder that the company enjoys an excellent reputation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Steriline are focused on the development and production of highly technological and distinct solutions – isolators, for example are used for processes such as quality control and sterility testing, and wherever precise monitoring and control of various environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, are fundamentally important.

Steriline Products are used for Aseptic Processing

To ensure precision when measuring humidity and temperature in the isolators, Rotronic instruments are used. Steriline work with Rotronic as equally well known Swiss specialists in high-technology measurement solutions that guarantee the highest quality. Steriline ensure all phases of their production, which take place in the company’s own, strictly controlled manufacturing locations, are subject to comprehensive monitoring processes. This is also true during the manufacture Rotronic humidity measurement transducers such as our HygroFlex5, combined with HC2-S probes, that Steriline uses. The HF5 measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates all psychometric parameters required by HVAC, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

And it’s not only precision that speaks for Rotronic – Steriline staff have praised the Rotronic customer service too, any necessary maintenance work is carried out quickly and with no red tape, ensuring uninterrupted process continuity.

Reliability to the highest level, in both products and services, make Rotronic instruments the ideal components for manufacturers of machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to ensure complete conformity to the strict quality requirements of this sector. That’s why Steriline and others depend on  Rotronic for measuring instruments and the technological expertise provided.

hf5x_2_w (1)
HF5 measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates all psychometric parameters in the fields of HVAC, industry and pharmaceuticals.

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Service & Support at Rotronic UK


At Rotronic we can offer a wide range of humidity and temperature measurement products, and our dedicated staff are on hand to support with any calibration, technical or sales queries, our products are supported by a network of subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.

What we can we offer?


We are recogonised globally for our ISO 17025 calibration lab, calibration is the only way in which you can confirm an instruments performance. Many regulatory bodies now require instruments to be regularly calibrated to specific standards.

Here at Rotronic UK we provide a range of calibration services from our dedicated on site laboratory including UKAS accredited (ISO17025) calibrations and calibrations that are traceable to national standards. We also provide custom factory calibration and testing for OEM devices.

System Validation

Our products and software are designed to meet the requirements of GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Validation provides clear documented evidence that specific monitoring systems meet these requirements, that are demanded by a growing number regulatory organisations.

What you can expect from our validation service

  • Creation of user requirment specifications (URS)
  • Preparation of validation plan
  • Development of validation risk assessment and SOPs
  • IQ,OQ,PQ testing, documentation and reporting
  • Final validation reports


Temperature & Humidity mapping 

We can also offer a simple and effective mapping service to meet you needs, with our range of measurement products and calibration services we can effectively match these requirements from precision UKAS accredited calibration chamber mapping to full scale warehouse mapping

For details on any of our services or products we offer contact us at or call 01293 571000.

Logging Solutions from Rotronic

In this post we take a look at the important questions you should ask when looking for data loggers.

Since our founding over 50 years ago, data logging has always been a key requirement for our customers and as technology and regulations have evolved so have our products and solutions. We now offer a wide range of devices but it can get confusing knowing which approach to take.

Logger Solutions_sm

When choosing a logging solution consider the following areas…

  1. Parameters – What environmental conditions do you need to measure eg Humidity and Temperature
  2. Accuracy/Calibration – How accurate do you need the results and do you require calibration.
  3. Environmental Conditions – Both the logger operating conditions and monitoring conditions.
  4. Access to Data & Reporting – Live data, manual download etc, software and reporting tools
  5. Local Display – Live values, max/min and local alarming
  6. Power Requirements – Mains, battery or PoE (power over ethernet)
  7. Memory – How long can the device log and is data stable if power is lost
  8. Cost – What it often boils down to, but always consider the cost of not changing what you are doing

Lets look in a bit more detail…

Parameters – Fairly self-explanatory but consider things like calculated parameters (dew point) , it might be better to use two separate devices rather than one. Rotronic offer Humidity, Temperature, CO2, Differential Pressure and Barometric pressure probes, but also many of our loggers accept analogue input signals so you can utilise existing or 3rd party instrumentation.

Accuracy & Calibration – Accuracy specifications can be mis-leading, if you care about your measurements we would always advice pre-delivery calibration. Also consider that often bulky loggers can be slower and more costly to calibrate vs devices with external probes. When considering humidity measurements drift is also a key factor.

Environmental Conditions – Consider both those you need to measure and where the logger will be placed. Many loggers have cable probes that can tolerate adverse conditions where the logger itself cannot. Also be wary of battery life, it is typically only stated for use at ambient conditions.

Access to Data / Reporting – Simple loggers typically require manual downloading of data. For large installations or where regular reporting is required this can quickly become a laborious task. Alternatively look for devices with a permanent connection to the monitoring software. Our latest RMS software provides live alarms, automated reports and users can access live data through a simple web browser, often saving time and money in the long run. Simple reporting is also key so that data can securely be shared. In compliant applications you may also require the ability for users to validate report authenticity.

Local Display – Useful for many applications but as data becomes always available can a mobile device act as the display for you data logger. For large spaces consider the ability to build dashboards in your software so that users can see data whilst operating.

Power Requirements – Devices with non user replaceable batteries lead to downtime and additional costs. Where possible mains or PoE connections ensure battery life is not an issue. Our latest wireless devices ensure >3 year battery life even when logging and transmitting data every minute.

Memory – Should be secure in the event of battery or power failure and sufficient to last either between download events or as a back up in case monitoring software / network connections fail.

Cost – Best to be realistic with your budgets, consider the time costs for not acting and down forget on going service costs such as validation and calibration.

As you can see from the simple overview above it is virtually impossible to have one logger for every application. At Rotronic we have a diverse range of solutions and even these do not cover all eventualities.

If you have monitoring requirements please do contact us to discuss further.

Dr Jeremy Wingate
Rotronic UK